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 Welcome to The Art of Banksy Amsterdam, the premier source of information about the life and work of the restless spirit of modern art - Banksy. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of this anonymous street artist, who has transformed the streets of our world's largest cities into exciting art galleries with his controversial works.


   Who we are

 We are a group of art enthusiasts, and most importantly, employees of the Art of Banksy Museum in Amsterdam. We create this blog to share our fascination with Banksy's work, to offer insights that come directly from the heart of the pulsating art world - our museum.


   What we offer

 Our blog provides a platform where you can find the latest information about expositions, events and mysterious appearances of Banksy's new works. In addition to this, we go beyond the surface of his art to reveal the deeper meanings and controversial themes that are central to his work.


   Our Stories


 Every painting, every Banksy installation has its own story. But we also have our own - those related to his beautiful works. Here you'll find exclusive first-hand accounts, behind-the-scenes stories, our guests' experiences, and our own reflections on the impact Banksy has had on contemporary art.


   Join us

 We invite you to follow our blog and share your thoughts on Banksy's art. Whether you're a big fan of this enigmatic artist, an art student looking for inspiration, or just a passerby who wants to better understand what it means to be an artist today, you'll find something here for you.



 The Art of Banksy Amsterdam is not just a museum. It's a community that looks at, interprets and shares reflections on the work of one of the most important artists of our time. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we discover the depth and meaning hidden on city streets, in graffiti that evokes as much emotion as controversy. Together, we will understand why Banksy's art is so important, why it deserves to be exposed - and, above all, why it is worth experiencing.



   Welcome to the world of The Art of Banksy


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