Considering various theories about identity and Banksy's work

  One of the biggest mysteries in the contemporary art world is Banksy's true identity. His anonymity has been widely commented upon and speculated upon, often leading to numerous theories on the subject. We will now take a look at the various theories regarding this artist's true identity and consider how they affect the interpretation of his works.

   Robert Del Naja

  One of the most popular suspicions is that Banksy is Robert Del Naja, a member of the band Massive Attack. This theory stems from the fact that Del Naja is a well-known graffiti artist and that some of Banksy's works have appeared at the same time and place as Massive Attack concerts. Del Naja himself denies it, claiming that he is good friends with Banksy, but he is not.

   Robin Gunningham

  In 2008, the British newspaper The Mail on Sunday published an article claiming that Banksy was Robin Gunningham, a former public school student from Bristol. The article included photos that allegedly showed Gunningham at work on a Banksy mural. The theory, although widely circulated, has never been confirmed.

   Artist collective

  Another theory suggests that Banksy is not a single artist, but a collective of artists working under the same pseudonym. This theory would explain how Banksy is able to create works around the world almost simultaneously.

   Influence on interpretation of works

  The fact that Banksy's identity remains a mystery has a significant impact on the interpretation of his works. The artist's anonymity allows the focus to be on the work, rather than on his person. In addition, Banksy's anonymity is often interpreted as a critique of celebrity culture and the commercialization of art.

  In conclusion, although Banksy's true identity is unknown, speculation about it adds a layer of mystery and fascination to his work. Regardless of who or what is behind the pseudonym, it is undeniable that Banksy has had a powerful influence on street art and contemporary culture.


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