Discussion of legal issues related to Banksy's artwork

  Banksy's work, while artistically significant and socially influential, is not free of legal controversy. One of the most important issues is the question of intellectual property rights, but also the topic of vandalism and the question of owning and protecting Banksy's works. We will discuss these issues below.

   Intellectual property rights

  Banksy, while maintaining his anonymity, faces difficulties in defending his intellectual property rights. Although he created "Banksy's Pest Control" to authorize and verify his works, his anonymity makes it difficult to legally protect his works.

  In 2020, in a controversial decision, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) invalidated two of Banksy's commodity copyrights, saying the artist never intended to use them commercially, a requirement for legal protection.


  Another legal issue related to Banksy's work is that of vandalism. His works, while often respected and valued, are technically acts of vandalism because they are created without the permission of the property owner. This leads to the paradox of a situation where Banksy's works are simultaneously protected as important works of art, but can also be removed as acts of vandalism.

   Ownership and protection of works

  Some of Banksy's works, especially those created in public spaces, have been the subject of legal disputes over the ownership and protection of these works. Often, the owners of the properties on which Banksy created his works seek to secure and sell the works. This leads to complicated legal issues regarding the ownership and protection of street art.

  In conclusion, Banksy's work, despite its artistic significance, is not free of complicated legal issues. These legal issues show how difficult it is to define and regulate street art in the current legal system.


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