Discussion on symbolism and hidden meanings in Banksy's art

  Banksy's art, full of satire and socio-political commentary, is known for its deep hidden layers and meanings. Below, we will discuss some of the most important symbols and motifs that appear in his works, and explain how they contribute to the message of his works.


  Rats are one of the most recognizable motifs in Banksy's art. This species is often seen as a pest and a symbol of neglect, but Banksy has used it as a metaphor for rebellion and resilience. The rats in his works often exhibit human traits, such as painting graffiti or wearing protest signs, which can symbolize dissatisfaction with the system and a desire for change.


  Children are another recurring motif in Banksy's works. They are often depicted in contexts that emphasize their innocence in contrast to the brutality of the adult world. Through this, Banksy criticizes society and its impact on the youngest, while emphasizing the loss of innocence and dreams.

   Police and soldiers

  Police officers and soldiers are often depicted in Banksy's works as symbols of repression and power. They are often depicted in a comical or absurd way, which undermines their authority and criticizes their abuse of power.

   Urban Space

  Urban space itself is an important element of Banksy's art. By using existing buildings, walls or other elements of the urban landscape, Banksy transforms everyday objects and places into vehicles for his message. In this way, he points out social problems that are often ignored, and forces viewers to reconsider their surroundings.


  Balloons are other frequently appearing symbols in Banksy's works. They are usually a symbol of lost dreams, innocence or the transience of life.

  In conclusion, Banksy effectively uses symbols and motifs in his art to convey strong messages about society, politics and mass culture. His works, full of hidden meanings and diverse symbolism, force viewers to reflect on the problems of the modern world.


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