How historical changes have affected Banksy's work

  As an artist, Banksy does not create his art in a vacuum. His works are deeply rooted in the historical and cultural context that shapes his imagery and messages. The artist's work has been powerfully influenced by the historical and social changes occurring at the time of his activity.

   The end of the Cold War and globalization

  Banksy began his career in the 1990s, just after the end of the Cold War. This period, dominated by globalization and the expansion of American culture and capitalism, had a significant impact on the artist's work. In his art, he often criticizes consumerism, corporatism and world politics, largely as a response to these global trends.

   Iraq War

  Another important event that has influenced Banksy is the war in Iraq, which began in 2003. The artist has repeatedly expressed his opposition to the war through his art, showing the brutality of the conflict and the suffering of civilians.

   Developments in technology

  Technology, especially the Internet and social media, has played an important role in Banksy's career. It has enabled him to reach a global audience and spread his works rapidly. On the other hand, technological changes have often been the target of his criticism, for example in paintings showing children immersed in smartphones instead of playing outside.

   Migration crisis

  The migration crisis, which has intensified in recent years, has been reflected in several of Banksy's works. One example is the work "Girl with a Balloon" at a refugee center in Calais, where a heart-shaped balloon has been replaced by a European Union logo, a commentary on EU migration policy.

  In conclusion, Banksy's work is deeply rooted in his time. Historical and social changes have not only influenced his style and subject matter, but also provided him with an endless source of inspiration for social and political commentary.


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